Online Mixing

From writing and arranging to performing and recording, if you make your own music then you've probably put your all into your latest tracks. Now it's time to give those tracks a commercial quality mix.
Fill the Silence Audio Co

Let's give your tracks the mix they deserve

I’m Alex, and I provide an online mixing service to talented bands and artists all over the world. I've been involved in recording and mixing for over 10 years, and I hold both a Bachelor's degree and a Master's degree in music production. Why not check out some of my mixes, and if you like what you hear, then lets work together to give your tracks the commercial quality mix that they deserve.


Gain Staging

Gain staging for proper headroom


Equalisation to help each track sit nicely in the mix


Tasteful Compression for balance and consistency


Gating for punchy drums

Levels & Panning

Control of levels & panning for width & clarity


Automation for enhanced musicality 


Creative touches such as reverb & delay


2 rounds of revisions: an initial mix, plus 2 revised mixes based on your feedback

WAV Files

Digital delivery of mixed stereo WAV files


Email communication throughout the project


1 to 8 files


Per Song

9 to 24 files


Per Song

25 to 48 files


Per Song

Up to 65 files


Per Song


How does online mixing work?
  • Step 1: Drop me an email and we'll get started. You’ll first receive an invoice from me via PayPal requesting a 50% deposit. You’ll also receive a link to upload your tracks to my Drop Box account.
  • Step 2: I'll mix your songs and as soon as they are ready, you’ll receive a link via email to listen to them. If you’d like some changes, Then send me a list of revisions and I'll carry them out.
  • Step 3: Once revisions are complete, you’ll receive a final PayPal invoice from me for you to pay the remaining 50% balance. Once your cleared payment has been received, you’ll receive a link to download your final mixes in WAV format.
How do I send you my files?

I will send you a link for you to upload your tracks to my DropBox account. All tracks should be sent at their original sample rate and bit depth in WAV format. Please bounce all of your tracks from the beginning to the end of the song, even if this means including periods of silence. That way, when all of the tracks are set to start from the same point in the session, all of the parts will play in time.

How do revisions work?

You will receive a total of 3 versions of your mix. My initial mix, plus 2 rounds of revisions based on your feedback.

Mix 1: Upon receipt of your cleared deposit, an initial mix will be created and sent to you digitally. You can then request any revisions that you would like to be made.

Mix 2: A second mix will then be created to incorporate your revisions and will be sent to you digitally. You can then submit a final list of revisions that you would like to be made.

Mix 3: The final mix will be created to incorporate your final revisions and a PayPal invoice will then be sent to you for the remaining balance. Upon receipt of your cleared payment, the final mixes will be sent to you.

(Mix 1 & 2 will have approximately 10 seconds of audio omitted from either the beginning or end of the song. Mix 1 & 2 will be sent to you in 192 kbps MP3 format. A 192 kbps MP3 file will give you the opportunity to hear how your mixes sound, but it isn’t a full quality file and cannot be burned to CD. Mix 3 will be a full quality WAV file.)

How are payments processed?

All payments are processed through PayPal. Payments can be made using your PayPal account, your credit card, or your debit card.

What format will my final mixes be?

Your final mixes will be either 24 or 16 bit WAV files and will be at their original sample rate, ready for mastering.

Is editing included?

No. This means that forms of editing such as comping of multiple takes, vocal tuning or timing corrections are not included. If you would like advice on editing your tracks prior to sending them for mixing, please feel free to get in touch.

Is mastering included?

No. If you need advice on having your tracks mastered then please feel free to contact me.

How loud will my mixes be?

Your mixes will have plenty of headroom, ready for mastering. If you don't plan to have your tracks mastered, then I will apply a limiter to your mixes to boost them to a commercial level upon request.


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